She’s finally home!


Today’s view (Jan 4, 2014)

My poor baby girl ended up getting home a day later, and spent the night at the DCA airport. Her flight from Helsinki to JFK was delayed due to weather, and she missed the connection. Then the flight they put her on to JFK missed the MSY connection, and since it was due to weather, they told her she had to spend the night at the airport until the next flight (at 8:45am). Sh said she met some new people and ended up having a great time with people in the same situation.

Earlier today, we went to see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies at the Finniko theaters. The movie was in English with Finnish subtitles. Worked well enough, except when the move had translations for the Orcish and Elvish, which would normally be in English, but were in Finnish. so I had to have my husband translate, since I don’t understand Orc or Elf, and I don’t read Finnish!

As for medical drama, the only development is that my neuro from the States emailed me back and said he was going to ‘send the records’ by the 6th. I hope he means email them.

Oh, finally got the ball rolling on getting my Tulane IRA rolled over to my existing bank account. Banking over the ocean is complicated!

Tomorrow is Pentecost, so stores are supposed to be closed, although I am getting conflicting stores. So we shopped today, regardless.

2 thoughts on “She’s finally home!

  1. oh boy that made a long trip extra long! good on her to be able to go with the flow… cause what else can one do?
    i’ve seen some nasty airport meltdowns over things like that and i always think… wow maybe there’s something bigger at play here… i wasn’t supposed to be on that flight or it was delayed for a reason.
    anyway glad to hear she’s made it back home!

    fingers crossed your med papers come asap… emailed!


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