Yucky day!

Today was one of those days that I was warned about. It was cold, wet and sleeting, and to top it all off, the wind was blowing. Taking the Shiva-dog out for a walk this morning was not a pleasant activity.

January 8, 2015

January 8, 2015

It snowed later on this afternoon, then sleeted some more. Dreary. I stayed inside and did a bit of baking and cleaning. Okay, more cleaning than baking, because that’s not my thing.

I made this, though:


Screwed it up by twisting some of the pieces around the wrong way, but it wouldn’t be an AntiCook masterpiece if I didn’t do something wrong! And at least it tastes good!

Made a vet appointment for the Shiva Dog for next Friday, for her to get checked out and stuff. Just to get her on record here with a vet. Hung some lights up outside to fight the gloom.

Laughed at this:

Because. Love.

Because. Love.

That’s all folks. Not much in the way of words of wisdom. Maybe next week. Moi moi!

7 thoughts on “Yucky day!

  1. well that is FANCY for a baker!!!! VERY VERY FANCY for a non-cook! look at you!

    LOVE the cartoon!
    the weather tonight! SHIT!
    this is the first time ever… we went out to do our night walk and came back less than 5 minutes into it. could NOT walk on the ice. there was no way we were walking 4.25miles on slippery ice covered with water.
    sometimes you just have to say no for your own health.
    you be safe when you take shiva out it’s way worse than it was this afternoon.


  2. You won’t be the AntiCook if you keep this up, it’s lovely! It is a cold dreary day here, too, down to 15 degrees F this morning, which I’m sure isn’t cold for you, but it is plenty cold for Southern Pines!


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