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January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Well, last night, I carefully printed out my bus route to get to class…

…and missed my stop (by a few), and got totally turned around. Couldn’t get the map to pull up or the bus schedule, so had to call the hubby to get directions. Was late to class, but was actually able to apologize for being late in Finnish. Win? And it seemed that this first class was pretty laid back, and I wasn’t the only late one, so there is that.


Can’t express how happy I am that I took that short class earlier, or else I would have been even more lost than I was today. Hopefully, it will come over time, but we’ll see. And at least I’ll be getting paid for taking this class. That’s a bonus.

I have the second (third?) class starting tomorrow, so once more I have printed out my bus route, and this time I have notes as to the landmarks to look for. I have to go from my first class directly to the second one, so I can’t screw this up.

Nailed my 12,500 step goal today by going out in a freakin’ snowstorm to walk Shiva (“light snow”, my Aunt Fannie). That is love and dedication, of course.:)

Screenshot_2015-01-12-23-14-08[1] 20150112_225403[1] 20150112_225121[1]

One neat thing is that going out at the dark of night (see there, 11:15pm), is that you can feel perfectly safe (other than the breaking of the neck on ice). I wouldn’t dream of going out at that hour back home. Mainly because it is pitch black, but here, as you can see, everything is well-lit, and crime is amazingly low. I just feel safe walking around at any hour, and that is a really nice feeling.

6 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. “Freakin’ snowstorm”? This winter has been of minor league persuasion. The 2013-14 winter was the same way, but the four winter before it were of “the good old type”. A couple of clips of 2010-11 winter:

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    • Urmas, you have to understand my point of reference. Where I come from, snow, just snow, is an oddity that brings the city to a apocalyptic frenzy. 🙂 I’m not used to it falling in any measure. So to me, and my limited exposure, this was a snowstorm. 🙂 I hope that within a couple of years, I am used to it.


  2. yeah for getting to class and for apologizing in finnish! WIN!

    my first winter here was 2010 as shown in the first video urmas shared. EPIC!!!!!! i’m a northern girl used to a lot of snow. that year oh hell that was A LOT OF SNOW! and the year after just about a match.
    stabby it makes me!


  3. I suggest going to your neighbourhood library and snatching one of those Helsinki area outdoor maps and to the HSL service point to pick up the route map. Just so you’re not at the mercy of cellphone battery and/or service.


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