Tallinn…and shopping

My dear hubby booked us on a day trip to Tallinn again, and we went today. As many of you may have read, the ferries to Tallinn (day trip version) are mainly for the locals here to buy booze there. Apparently it is cheaper. Viking Line was running some pretty deep specials; our tickets were 3€ each, for a total of 6€, round trip. Heck, you can’t get to IKEA on that. For us, the allure wasn’t the alcohol, but the meat. We bought some fabulous wild boar and moose that last time, and were looking to restock. Meat tends to be cheaper. Also, my nails needed doing, and I had heard that services were cheaper in Tallinn, so we figured we head out and give it a shot. Good way to spend a Saturday.

We did go ahead and spring for the buffet on the way back, which did add about 50€ the price of our trip, but we eat out so rarely, and for eating out, that price isn’t too ungodly (plus, it gives us a place to sit out of the crowd for about 3/4 of the trip back). The buffet is great if you like fish, and only good if you don’t. They have the creamed potatoes, bread, sausage and a pretty good roast for those of us who don’t like the things that swim in the sea, and if you like wine, you can get ‘wine on tap´’ at the beverage station at no extra charge.

Wine on tap

Wine on tap

We sat in the bar on the way there, listened to some karaoke; there were some pretty good singers! Towards about two hours into the three hour trip…well, there were some pretty drunk singers, too. The opening act, per-karaoke, was a guy singing mostly classic country songs (Johnny Cash, some Elvis, etc), and he was actually pretty good. I enjoyed the karaoke mainly because I would watch the screen and try to figure out the words to the Finnish songs. Yeah…I got about one in a hundred, if that.


We got off in Tallinn with the rest of the herd (mooooooo), and walked over to the ‘mall’. We found our usual (hahaha, I love saying that for our second visit) meat counter, and let her talk us in to wild boar roasts, moose sausage, garlic cheese and about four pounds of filet Mignon. The whole thing came to about 70€ total, which is not bad at all.

Then we headed up to the salon for me to get my nails done. The price wasn’t great, but it was maybe 5-10€ cheaper than in Helsinki. So I didn’t feel like it was a waste of time, but it wasn’t the great deal that others have said it was. It might be that you have to actually go into the city for the better prices. We only had 3 hours, and I didn’t want to chance it. I opted to get my nails cut down short and just a clear gel on them, until the two I broke off grow back.

20150117_150243 20150117_192413

On our way back, I picked up some more of the ‘cat’ bowls that I had started collecting for my eldest, including another bowl and plate for the other two to fight over.  In addition, I found the wool inserts for my wellies that are like 7€ in Prisma for just 2€ there. So all in all, a nice little shopping trip.


Tallinn haul


On the way back, we sat upstairs to wait for our seating time, and Wellu quizzed me on my Finnish. Oh, I still have such a long way. I need to go back to just studying the vowels. I am having a really hard time remembering ö, y, e, a, ä (I’ve got ‘i’ down pat), and additionally, I am having a really hard time hearing a double letter when a word is spoken at a regular rate. I guess it’s just a matter of training the ear to hear that little ‘stop’.


When it was time, we headed to the dining room and took our place at the feeding trough. It wasn’t anything special, just decent food, although none of it was actually ‘hot’ by the time I dug in. Still, it was nice to have a place to just veg after walking, before queuing up with the herd to head off the ship.


Fish, fish…


…and more fish.

After the meal, we signed me up for a Viking Line card (free, and gives me access to the specials, too), and wandered around the shop a bit. Didn’t buy anything, but saw some candies my mom needs.


Nothing more of note…got home, walked the Shiva dog (who had missed us all day!), and am going to shower and head to bed. I think I will sleep in tomorrow. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tallinn…and shopping

  1. What makes you think I would like the WineGums? (You did buy me some, didn’t you?)
    Sounds like a lovely day trip. Would have been drunk as the karaoke singers if they had wine on tap…wonder if you can just sign up for that?


    • I did not buy you WineGums. I figure you can get them if you wish when you are here. As far as the wine on tap, you have to get the buffet and at least pretend you are going to eat a meal with your wine. 🙂 I think we will get a cab back from the ship, since we may have to pour you out of the ship and home. 🙂


  2. WINE ON TAP!!!! that’s some classy shit right there! proper laugh out loud over my tea!
    you know i am not a snobby dick but that really made me laugh. wine in a box makes me laugh too. just something about just seems so funny.
    i will pass on the buffet does not sound like my kind of good time.

    glad your trip was productive!


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