These boots were made for walking…

Actually, it’s my sneakers. Tracie (of beets+birch fame) and I have walked every morning this week. We tend to do about ~3 miles, mainly because my of my knee, and take our time. Not exactly a stroll, but not a fast-fast pace either. I really appreciate her taking it slow with me, and putting up with Shiva doing all her side-to-side sniffing and stopping. And then she ends up power-walking with her hubby each night, too. Fierce, woman!

In any case, we walked a little over 5 miles this morning. It was snowing lightly, she showed me another dog park, and the scenery along the walk was so serene and pretty. She says that in the spring/summer, it is especially breathtaking. Can’t wait!


When did I decide that -4° was a decent, comfortable temperature??? I can remember bitching about needing to take Shiva out when it was 40°F. I don’t think I’ll be complaining about that again! The key is to dress appropriately, of course. But -4 without wind is a lot different than -4 and the wind blowing. Fortunately, we haven’t had too much wind, so it’s actually been pretty pleasant to go out and walk each morning. I took these snapshots of our walk this morning:

20150123_083915[1]  20150123_090355[1]

Tracie brought me some of her ‘fancy ass carrot soup’, which I totally meant to have for lunch today, but forgot about lunch today until it was really too late to fix anything. So I may have it for dinner or lunch tomorrow. I love having choices. 🙂

Something about walking in the snow…people can sneak up on you! I don’t mean in a creepy, stalkerish way, but you’re walking along and think you’re the only one around so you ‘shift lanes’…and bam, you’re cutting someone off! I’ve finally started to glance behind me, just to make sure now. Cray-cray American walkers.

This has, overall, been a pretty good week. Even with the way it started, with the leaking incident, everything shaped up. While I feel like I’m still not learning anything in class, I do feel like it’s less not-familiar, if that makes any sense. And if I think about it, I can say more now than I could a week ago, so that’s something. Not enough to carry on a conversation, but maybe one day. In my mind.


Moi moi!

Nähdään huomenna!

4 thoughts on “These boots were made for walking…

  1. I got my return ticket, and I am learning Greek, Italian, and German – enough to be confused in any language. I don’t know what you are saying in Finnish, but maybe when I get there you can teach me enough to get by! So glad you’ve made a good friend in Tracie. Can’t wait to meet her. I am barely getting in 1/3 of your steps. Horrible. But maybe when it gets warm. It’s a high of 50F or so today, which is cold to me!

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  2. you’ve just made me sound 10000x cooler than i really am!!!
    i had a good week too! glad your week turned around!

    this evenings walk was abruptly put on hold when happy hour began and a whiskey sour was offered up! cheers!

    shiva is forcing me to retract my opinions of dogs. she’s a good pup!

    if you like the soup i will fall over and then i will make you a whole pot of it and do a victory lap!

    you ARE a rockstar with your finnish classes!!!!

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    • You ARE cool, woman! I wouldn’t hang out with you if you weren’t! 😛 I am going to try your soup tomorrow for lunch, so be prepared if I tell you I love it. And it snowed, so happy hour is a good reason to stay in. I have to take the pup out, but we are going to make it a short, quick walk around the block. Brrrrr!


      • The way you can tell if the other person thinks you’re cool is to invite that person out/in for lunch. You’ll know you’re not considered cool if the person sits down at a different table.


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