up. down. up. down. up.

Oy vey, what a day! Ever had one of those days where it starts out up here….flies pretty high…then comes crashing down…only to level out and then climb back to a reasonable height again? I hope so, coz I’d hate to think it was only me!

First off…we saw sunshine today!


This was around 11am, after the hunting/gathering was done and on my way back home to unload my kill. Came home to mail — Kela deposited my reimbursement for my meds into my bank account, so that was a good thing, and didn’t really take all that long, considering the red tape. Good stuff. Had a killer long walk with Tracie this morning, almost five miles and at a decent pace, too. Keep in mind that we’ve got Shiva with us, and this morning was two stops at dog parks, plus all the stop-n-sniffs, plus accounting for ice, and I don’t bother to pause the program. One day, we’ll do a walk without Shiva during a clear day, and we’ll see what our pace is really. 🙂



Got home, got the laundry put away, another load started, bed made, things cleaned up, progress made, and then Tracie came by to pick me up for a trip to Ikea. Day is definitely on the climb. Found the couch I want to buy, but since it’s not on sale, there’s no rush. I can wait for Uncle Sam to deposit my refund first. We come back by the apartment (shhh, we don’t talk about the reason is because that I forgot to snuff out a candle before I left), I drop off my stuff, and I head back out with Tracie to go to Kaari mall to do more shopping. Yes, this day is going really good.

Go to Musti ja Mirri to buy some dog food and treats, go up to the counter and I realize I don’t have my Musti ja Mirri customer discount card, but never fear, I have my number in my cell phone, in an email…wait, I know I had my cell phone. It has to be in my purse. My back pocket? My jacket? Shit….where did I leave my phone!? I look in Tracie’s car. No luck. Hmm, I must have laid it down at home out of habit. Sure, that’s where it is. Only it’s not.

Day is definitely plummeting with that realization.

In the meantime…I stub my toe on the riser between the kitchen and hallway. Ow.

I go to pick up my iced tea, which I drink out of a glass that has a screw-on top because I am a klutz…aaaaaand the top comes off and I spill iced tea all over my keyboard. I couldn’t take a picture because I DON’T HAVE MY PHONE…but here is a reenactment:


My day is sucking.

Let me take you on a little segue here. If you have an Android phone, make sure you have the Android Device Manager turned on and you’ve made your account.  It’s free and doesn’t cost anything in battery power, either. I finally remembered that I have done this (remember, I have CRS), got on my computer, signed in to the program, and voila, it located my phone. I locked the screen remotely, adding a message to the lock screen that said, “This is a lost phone. Please call.” and then entered my number. Haha, totally blond moment…I had to go back and change that to my HUSBAND’S phone number. Now, if some stranger had found my phone, they would see a screen with that message and a green “Call” button, which would have connected them to my husband’s cell phone. As it was, the phone showed it was at Tracie’s location, so I figured it was in her car and I had overlooked it in my desperate search. About the time I went to email her, she got to me first, saying she found my phone in her car. 🙂

All is well. Mr. Tracie dropped it off to me when he was heading out to go see a hockey game.


So, day is shaping back up again, although it is closer to evening at this point. At least I won’t have to go to bed not knowing where my phone is. And, with still one more walk-the-dog for tonight, here’s my step count for today (so far):


And then I’ll leave you lastly with a link to something light and fun to watch that my eldest daughter turned me on to:


2 thoughts on “up. down. up. down. up.

  1. Glad you finally found your phone. Sorry that a day which started out with so much promise turned out to be so crappy but at least things went up from there. Especially sorry that you had 22,000 + steps today, because I won’t even get half that many!


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