And we slosh on…

Ugh. Slosh. Slush. And it is still snowing! Although at this very moment, not quite as much as before. But it was snowing a good bit during the day.

Tracie and I were hardcore, though. We still toughed out the morning walk, getting in our steps and resistance training at the same time! I think we should be credited for double the steps from this morning, given how tough the going was. I know, I know, the natives are telling me to stop whining, that this is nothing. Wah.

mapmywalk0202.2     mapmywalk0202

This is what it looked like at the dog park this morning. About ankle-deep in the frozen slush. Just add rum and flavoring, and we’d have a giant daiquiri!


I tried a tip I read about on the internet. I wanted to wear my sneakers on the walk, but I knew they’d get soaked, and then my feet would freeze. So the suggestion was to put on a pair of thin socks as a first layer. Then slip your foot into a plastic bag, then put on a thicker sock. Supposedly, this will keep your feet dry. Tracie called them my feet condoms. Well, mock if you want, but it worked! My outer sock was soaked, but my feet were dry and warm. Nyah. Great suggestion I will use again tomorrow.


On the way to the bus stop, I saw this. A lone mitten in a tree. Actually, it’s not too uncommon to see. Apparently, mittens and gloves get lost along the way, and for some reason, people pick them up and put them on the bushes. My guess is that there is the chance that the owner will be passing that way again and may see their lost half, and be able to reclaim it. It’s kinda neat. This one is so young though.


Went by the store to pick up a few items on the way home.  Shiva needed dog food. I had been feeding her Canagan, but her poops have been a bit…loose. So asked the clerk there, and she suggested I try Barking Heads and see how she does on it. I’m going to start transitioning her over tomorrow. While there (at Prisma, not Musti ja Mirri), we picked up some luncheon meat and bread. I got some “exotic” (for me) meats to try.


And lastly, school work. I am really trying, but my recall sucks. I listen,  I write down, I practice, and fifteen minutes later, I can’t recall what was said. Oh well. Sooner or later, hopefully.


I really need to stop by the pharmacy and see if they sell the Finnish equivalent of No-Doze here. About 1300 or so, my eyes start to droop, my head begins to drop, and it’s a battle not to just say screw it and put my head on the desk. After about 1430, I’m wide awake again. I just need my midday siesta!

Now, let’s try some Finnish.

Tänään on loskaa. Tänään on maanantai. Huomenna on tiistai. Huomenna minä olen kurssilla myöhään. Huomenna on kolmas päivä helmikuuta.

Minä koira nautti ja hyvää tyttö.

It’s pretty basic and simplistic…but baby steps (and baby talk!).



4 thoughts on “And we slosh on…

  1. Good for you. My fitbit ran out of batteries today, so doubt I’ll have much. Coupled with a day or two ago, when I left on my desk all day, I am really low.
    Just think, next year you will be a native, and you can tell the newcomers “This is nothing. You should have been here during the winter of 2014-2015.”


  2. As a native I’d recommend getting good hiking boots from Scandinavian Outdoor Store (or similar shop). A bit expensive, but with good care they can last a decade. For an active walker they are definitely worth it.

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  3. Just add rum and flavoring, and we’d have a giant daiquiri!
    You should update your shopping list accordingly. The walk might take more time and you might double or triple the step count, but it could be worth it.

    Those plastic bags aren’t that great if you walk a lot and/or your feet sweat. They don’t breathe.

    BTW, you might want to double-check that last sentence..


  4. I had to look up No-Doze, but you can get caffeine tablets at the pharmacy …or you could go by the Finnish stereotype and drink coffee in the afternoon ..with pulla to keep your blood sugar up. That’ll help.


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