Return of the klutz.

I thought things had been going a bit too smoothly lately.

The morning walk was good, even though we had planned to do our “long walk” today (we have “short”, “short-long”, and “long” paths), but managed to yakkity-yak right past our turn, and end up just doing our “short-long”. I figured there is always tomorrow. Even with all the ice, we were sure-footed with our cleats on, so that was no issue. Look at all this snow!


On the way to the bus stop this morning, I ran into a lady walking two Irish Wolfhounds. HUGE. My sister’s Great Dane is maybe the size of the bigger one, maybe a bit smaller. Maybe they are shaggy ponies. I’m not sure.


School was the usual brain-hurt. I tried my natural No-Doze, but might have to take double the dose, as it only seemed to work slightly. Still no recall to boast about. It kicks in at some point, right?

When I got home, I had a notice that a package was at the R-Kioski for me to pick up. I knew just what it was, so I wanted to run out and get it. I got Shiva all harnessed up and we headed out. It was exactly what I thought it was, and headed on my merry way home.

Segue: I think one reason Finnish people are considered so “antisocial” and they are always looking at their feet, it’s because centuries of living in the snow and ice have trained them to instinctively watch their feet so they don’t slip and slide. You take your eyes off the path for one second…and that tricky nature will trip you up.

Case in point: I was almost all the way home, and let my mind wander for one brief second about something not associated with walking on treacherous ice, when *yoink!* I stepped on an uneven patch of ice and twisted my ankle, going down like Nancy Kerrigan with a tire iron to the knee. I didn’t even slip, it was totally something I could have done on dry land (assuming it was a dirt clod and not an ice clod that I stepped on). My ankle is swollen to twice its size and I can barely walk on it.


Lovely, ain’t it? Tomorrow, we’re going to hobble down to the clinic in the morning, where I can hopefully get a proper wrap for it, and maybe some crutches to take the weight off. Those should be fun on the ice! I’ll let you know how the visit goes and how it compares to a doc-in-the-box back home.

The package? My fancy-schmancy Dear Kate undies that my mom gifted me with. They come individually wrapped in these cool envelopes (inside one large Tyvek envelope).


At least I have those to make me feel better. Now, to take some pain killers and head to bed.

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