Excuse me while I market…

I’m just beginning to take this blogging stuff more seriously, since I’ve actually managed to keep up with it for more than six months! I’ve created a Facebook page to allow for more interaction, and so if you’re interested in seeing that, you can go to this page and “Like” it. I’ll be posting the blog updates to that page, rather than my personal one, and adding some random pictures and such that I may or may not include here. Bonus material!

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I started this blog as a way to keep my friends and family included in the things I’m doing here. It’s grown a bit from that, and now I write more with an eye to providing some helpful information every once in a while. I figure there are plenty of blogs and sites out there that talk about all the sights and attractions of Finland, so my blog is more focused on letting readers know what it is like to live in Finland (Helsinki in particular) on a day to day basis. The experiences of figuring out the bus system, going grocery shopping, doing laundry, and the sorts of activities that we take for granted that become something quite different in a new country. I still hope to cover the interesting sights of Helsinki and other places that I visit, too.

I also appreciate very much the contributions from my readers. Some of you have been very helpful in adding to my contributions, correcting or enhancing the information that I post, answering questions, and providing interesting insights into the country. It’s made doing this very fulfilling to have that feedback. Thank you!

As always, I am open to suggestions, criticisms and compliments on how I’m doing!

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