Can’t shake this cold!

March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015

Well, in more ways than one. It’s still winter outside, in spite of the cleaning trucks going around and cleaning up the gravel. I had been assured that seeing those trucks out was a sign that spring was coming (much like that whole ‘first bluebird of spring’ malarky), but that same day it was snowing big ol’ snowflakes. So, winter is still here. I don’t think Finland has the equivalent of a Punxsutawney Phil — probably they just figure that spring comes when it comes, and they don’t need some rodent to tell them anything. Given how often Phil gets it wrong…

And I still have my cold. Sore throat in the morning, which makes me want to call the doctor, but by the time I get home from school, it’s been gone all day. Started with a cough though. That’s no fun. I figure this thing is going to linger for a while. I’m going through menthols, hot tea, and tissues like there’s no tomorrow.

I went and got blood drawn and an EKG the other day. I went early, and despite the fact there were like 30 people in the waiting area, it went pretty fast. Nothing really unique about the visit that makes it stand out from the States, except for not having to wait all that long. Got there around 8:15am and was out by 8:45am. I have my MRI set up for June, just got that letter in the mail. Then a doctor’s appointment for August, and another blood test just before that. At least I’m not having to worry about paying for these.

Annnnd. It snowed again today. I am hearing that it can even snow in May. Seriously? Ugh. I’m sorry, Finns, but I am really hoping for a warm summer. They’re short enough as it is. Put up with a bit of heat. 🙂 It won’t be like the Louisiana summers that last for nine months of the year.

The walking trails are starting to clear up, which is nice. Just a few spots of ice, but nothing to be too worried about. I know this area here is going to look gorgeous in the spring!


My crock pot arrive today! I am so stoked. I don’t cook much, but I am looking forward to putting some dishes together with this thing so we can mix up our meals some. First thing I might cook is some good mac & cheese….it’s been a while, and I’ve been having a hankering!

7 thoughts on “Can’t shake this cold!

  1. Suomen kesä on lyhyt mutta vähäluminen. It roughly means that Finnish summer is short and less snowy. Last year June was about as cold/warm as December.


  2. February – March are mentally hardest months in the Nordics. The nature looks like after a nuclear war, all grey and dirty and nothing crows. It is not the (cold) winter but the long tail of winter in the spring that gets people depressed or moody. Many false starts of spring to fool you.

    You should buy “kirkasvalolamppu” and maybe take a little bit of solarium. Check your vitamin levels also. That way your winter and spring time gets easier.


    • I do have one of those lamps and I use it every once in a while. Probably the only thing between me and wholesale slaughter of the masses. 🙂 I have been told that February is a tough month, and March is hard because it seems like it SHOULD be spring, but it isn’t. I’m going to look back on this first winter and laugh, right? 🙂


      • “I’m going to look back on this first winter and laugh, right? :)”

        Well, no but sauna helps. But soon summer will flood the light and by September you are all charged up for the next one! 🙂 Nordic 4-season rythm is quite tough sometimes.


      • I think following winters will be easier, because you’ll know what to expect and you’ll be able to tell how far the spring is. For example, yesterday I spotted the first willow catkins that are a sure sign of spring!

        That being said… Finnish weather can be pretty volatile, especially during spring. “Kevät keikkuen tulevi” (The spring arrives in wobbly manner), so don’t be discouraged if you get a taste of the dreadded takatalvi (backwinter).

        I hope you’ll get rid of that cold soon and get to appreciate the sunny spring days.


  3. Keep your feet and neck warm. Remember that the room temperature drops at night when you’re not active, so account for that when tucking in.
    Try to sleep with your mouth closed. Concrete buildings have a fairly dry air – especially during winters – so that might contribute to it, so drink some water before going to bed and keep a glass handy as well. Though sugar-free it’s not good for your teeth, but you could even try going to sleep with a Mynthon pastille (etc.) in your mouth (not on your tongue, though).
    You might want to check that there is no draft in your bedroom and that you’re not directly in the path of cold air coming in from/near the window (and under the door/through the doorway to the outgoing air vents wherever). Even if it’s not directly making you sick, it’ll contribute to your throat drying up which then does.
    Drinking more is good, but remember that caffeine is a diuretic, so tea may contribute to the dryness in your throat. I wouldn’t drink coffee or tea to rehydrate, but would drink something else for that purpose. YMMV.


  4. I’ve had a some sort of flu every 2nd week this winter, so don’t get you hopes up for to get rid that flu altogether.
    One day I’m fine and on a next day I’m spending tissues like they’re going out of style, incredibly annoying to say the least.


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