I haven’t played bingo in a long, long, looooong time. However, along my morning walks with Shiva, I have been passing these signs for bingo being played each Friday at noon at the local…community center, I guess.


After catching up on some sleep when the guests left at 6am for the airport (and I caught the bus back, etc), I decided that doing a bit of bingo might be a fun way to practice on the numbers, since I have to pretty much count them out on my fingers, as well as have them repeated a half-dozen times. Makes it hell to get someone’s phone number like that.

I got there about 2 minutes after noon, as I thought it was one place, and it was actually at another (still walking distance), and they were already about a half dozen numbers into the game, so I had to wait for the second game. Cards were .50 per 3 number set, and five rounds per were played: 1 bingo, then 2 rows, 3 rows, etc., until you get to “blackout”. After that, everyone writes their names on the back, crumbles up the paper, and tosses it in a basket along with .20 per card, and a winner is drawn. That person wins the pot. Trash bingo.

I bought two cards (1€) and settled in to play. Overall, I think I did alright. I messed up 60 for 16, but my tablemates helped out with that, and in the 3 row game I missed a number, but it didn’t really matter in the end.

They won’t play next Friday due to a concert being held, and I will be gone the next 3 Fridays, but I do plan to go back and play when I can. I think it makes for a fun way to practice hearing and associating the numbers in Finnish.

(P.S. I am still sorting through all the photos I took on my trips, and will write up a post as soon as I am organized. I promise!)

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