Toulouse, first full day

Once again, I am in Toulouse! This is my third trip to this lovely city, and the first one in the summer. I wanted heat, and I got it–it was 32°c today!


I rode the bus to the center and got off to go exploring. Dear Wellu headed to his conference to work (so that he can bring me to all these cool places to enjoy!), and I set out to first find a place to get a SIM card for my phone. “Orange” seems to be the popular provider here, so with help from the tourist center, I set off to find them.


No problems, as their store is outlined in orange, with orange banners outside.  I’ll summarize in that I overpaid for the convenience, but hope to utilize it enough to reduce the sting. It was 9,99€ for the SIM card itself, and it came with 5€ credit, but not data. I went ahead and did the top-off for 30€ which gives me unlimited calls and messaging in France, plus 2GB of data, which should be plenty for the whole trip. However, it cost me 9€ to have them enter the API info, which I paid mainly for convenience sake. So, 50€ to have mobile data. But the SIM card is good for any return trips now, and the unused time for a year. Might still come in handy.

Since I’ve seen all the museums (not that I have recall of them, but I have pictures!), I decided to just stroll around and enjoy the bustle and architecture. A secondary goal was to find a fish pedicure place. I googled for them, and out of the three I tried to find today, two were permanently closed and one was just not to be found.


Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with the wife of one of the other conference attendees, and we’re going to go do some more exploring. We’ve never met before, but I think we’ll hit it off fine.

I’m going to leave you with a few more pictures of Toulouse.



2 thoughts on “Toulouse, first full day

  1. Wait, what? How long are you staying anyway?
    I looked at DNA (though I expect the same from all operators) and it seems as though it’s some 0,25€/min for calls and the same/MB for data in France. Not exactly cheap, but it depends on what you’re doing. There are some additional roaming packages for data, though I expect your way is cheaper at least once you pass the 100MB and/or 100 minute mark.


    • I figured it might be a bit on the high side, but I’m one of those who will pay A bit more to know what the cost is up front. I have this fear of leaving some box checked or unchecked on my phone and running up some ginormous bill. Besides, I can use this SIM card for any other trips in France. We’re going to be here two weeks, and need the GPS mapping function on the phone to drive around.


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