One Month!

Today is the one month mark of my arrival here in Finland, land of a thousand lakes. In summary, I am really enjoying it so far, and feel like I am slowly starting to settle in. During the course of my day, I might puzzle or wonder at something or other, but overall, it doesn’t feel like a totally alien place, just a new place, with a few different routines that I need to get used to.

  • Mail delivery on Sundays. And every day by 10am
  • Automatic bottle recycling machines (and like ,40 per bottle, woot!)
  • Walking everywhere (and why, oh why did I forget my FitBit charger?!)
  • Uberfast internet
  • The friendliness of people
  • Hanging clothes up to dry
  • The washing machine in the bathroom

That’s just to name a few. It is by no means an exhaustive list.

To celebrate this one month anniversary, I went to IKEA. Where else? 🙂 I took the 550 bus from Viikin tiedepuisto (the ‘monkey’ bus stop), to the Itäkeskus shopping center. From there, I hit up the Otto (ATM) and got some cash, then walked over to where I thought the IKEA bus would come by. Turns out I was right (yay me!). When I got there, there might have been about five people waiting for the bus. By the time it actually arrived, there must have been forty! And while Finns tend to queue up calmly for just about everything else, they do NOT form an orderly line when it comes to IKEA! 🙂

I had brought my handy-dandy cart, and was ready for some serious shopping. I got some things I hadn’t planned on, and didn’t get other things that I had meant to (save those for another trip!), but all in all, a successful journey. Especially since I actually found measuring cups! Upon leaving, I figured to take the 74 bus all the way back to Meripihkatie since I had so much stuff. It usually runs on a :10 and :40 schedule, but for the last run of the two o’clock hour, it changes to 2:38…guess who watched it leave? The next bus came at 3:18pm, and I managed to get on without losing all the goods.

The IKEA haul!

The IKEA haul!

Managed to also disembark without issue, and strolled on home. I love my little IKEA cart (thanks, Mom!). It has come in handy so many times.

Got home, put most everything away, remade the bed, restuffed the duvets, and stood back to look at my handiwork. Pictures forthcoming at some point. The place is really starting to shape up.

Today’s weather was pretty chilly. I don’t think it got more than about 39°F, but with the layers, it wasn’t really all that bad. As a matter of fact, I felt overly warm once I was on the bus, but comfortable at the bus stop. It helped there was no breeze today, and it was slightly overcast.

I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for the second week in November, which will be nice. Hopefully I can start my prescriptions so I don’t run out.

Wellu also emailed me with a surprise trip – we’re going to do a day trip to Tallinn, Estonia next week. I love Tallinn, so I am looking forward to it. The boat is serving wild boar roast on their buffet, so we’re definitely doing that. He said that as far as what we are going to do in Tallinn, he was going to leave that up to me. Such a sweetie…we’re going to go peek into all those little shops so I can look around.