Au revoir, my friends!

Not really a good-bye, but a “come on along!” invitation to my new blog, hosted on Blogger. I’m moving to France, possibly in January 2016 (maybe before), and with this move, I am taking the opportunity to move my blog over. It’s a new one, titled “From Finland to France“, and it’s going to detail my efforts in getting us ready for the move, then to report on life in our new home. We’re only going to be gone a year, so I’ll be back to publishing FinlandAdventures again, but most likely on the Blogger platform.

So come see me over in our new home, and follow along with the odd mix of reviews of Finland for the next few months, along with my encounters with the bureaucracy of moving to France.

Hope to see you there!


Got the apartment walk-through done — no damages noted! Yay! So I should get getting my deposit back. Realized later that I had not given them a forwarding address, so rectified that by email this morning.

Took off from work to go see the ortho. He said the knee looked to be healing well, if a bit slow. But he fitted me with a brace and said that should help with the pain. I am glad that I’ll be seeing another ortho, as I think this one tends to blow me off, but it’s nothing I can put my finger on, just a ‘feeling’, Oh well.

The manicotti ‘Big Brother’ dinner party went well Thursday night. Fixed enough manicotti for a small army, but everyone raved about it, and there are left overs until the cows come home. 🙂 Feels really good to pull that off. I might try my rigatoni cake as a finale dinner. Yes, everyone is probably tired of pasta by then, but what the heck, that’s all I can cook!

Repacked my car a bit this morning. I think I can fit everything in it now. The front end is loose, so I need to find time to run by Nissan and see if they can do anything with it, or else it might be ‘bungee cord repair’ time. Really look like a homeless person living out of my car.


Superhero Minion Nails! – by Tia at Bella Nails

Got my nails done! They are done like superhero/Avenger Minions. Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Batman (just because he looked so cute).